Welcome to our tenth Aquamax Update

In this edition, we look at getting more out of concrete with stencilling.

Concrete Stencilling

The appearance of bare concrete can be significantly enhanced with etched decorative designs.  Ultra-high pressure water jetting cuts through the concrete laitance to expose the aggregate and create a much darker, textured surface.  By using a stencil, very accurate and crisp designs can be applied.  We can also create a polychromatic effect by etching to variable depths.

The process can be conducted in-situ on standard panels.  Unlike moulded relief, the panel does not need to be thickened to retain design strength.  Our low-flow rate equipment is dust-free and creates minimal mess which we easily contain and vacuum away.


  • Cost effective approach to enhance bare concrete
  • Process can be conducted in the pre-casting yard or in-situ
  • No requirement to thicken panels
  • Complex designs possible
  • Mono or polychromatic
  • Just send us your artwork – we do the rest































































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