Welcome to our thirteenth Aquamax Update

We’re proud to highlight our new, powerful vacuum loader recently added to our fleet. This, multi-purpose machine can suck wet slurries and dry material and pull a 90% vacuum. Let us know if you need help with:
• Cesspits & soak holes
• Septic tanks
• General waste
• Tank cleaning
• Emergency spills

Summer Shutdown Cleaning

Are you hoping to perform cleaning and maintenance during your summer shutdown period? If so we may be able to help with the following:
• General water blasting
• Large surface area cleans
• Hot water washdown and blasting
• Etching concrete walkways to provide anti-slip
• Warehouse line marking removal
• Paint and corrosion blasting for repaint
• Confined tank and vat cleaning

Robotic Hydrodemolition

We have invested in a robotic blasting system which delivers automated blasting of large areas of concrete. By taking the operator off the gun we can increase flow-rate and productivity while reducing health and safety risks. In certain situations, productivity can be doubled. The system runs on a scaffold support frame which can be tailored to suit the project.

Construction Services

We have added a further hydrodemolition pump to our fleet bringing the total to six across the country. This capability is allowing us to take on substantial projects such as wharfs and large bridges. Other construction services are listed below:
• Hydrodemolition
• Hydroexcavation
• Scabbling
• Stencilling

Roading Services

• Road Line Removal
• Water Cutting

Industrial Services

• Plant and Equipment Cleaning
• Tank Cleaning
• Marine Tank and Deck Blasting
• Vacuum Loading

Aviation Services

• Aircraft Paint Strip
• Runway Rubber Removal

Our website includes further information on all services click here.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about these applications.  Contact Us…

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