Welcome to our seventh Aquamax Update

In this edition, we look at some ‘tricky jobs’ that have involved blasting in those hard-to-get-places, our recent participation in a significant oil and gas project and our introduction of wet abrasive blasting.

Tricky Jobs

We have recently been engaged on two projects conducting blasting in hard-to-get to places. Both required blasting to be conducted remotely, using an extended lance methodology. Picture on the left shows extended lance lowered 10 m inside the cage. Blasting and suction were applied alternately to remove sub-standard concrete.

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Picture on the right shows the result of blasting conducted from the surface to enlarge a manhole.  Following accurate blasting of the enlarged perimeter, concrete was able to be broken out in a controlled manner.  In both cases, operators were able to conduct the work safely from the surface.

Another recent hydrodemolition job is shown below and demonstrates very clearly where hydrodemolition is an invaluable tool to preserve complex rebar arrangments.

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Pohokura Platform Refurbishment

Aquamax has been fortunate to have been involved in the $70m upgrade of the Pohokura unmanned platform in Taranaki which was completed in February.  We were part of a multi-disciplined team that delivered UHP water-blasting, painting, scaffolding, equipment and well upgrades.  Aquamax deployed four UHP pumps and a team of water jetting operators working closely with Fitzroy Engineering, TBS and project manager Worley Parsons. The project achieved its primary goal of zero harm and came in on time.

Increased Taranaki Presence

Building on several oil and gas projects including Pohokura, and a range of other water-jetting work in the region, Aquamax has now established a full-time crew, based in New Plymouth.  This crew is equipped with a new WOMA 70, an ideal machine for performing surface preparation to a high standard.

Wet Abrasive Blasting

We have acquired equipment to enable wet abrasive blasting – a very useful tool for preparing steel.  This process combines the power of water to remove paint and corrosion with the ability of garnet to create a keyed surface or ‘profile’. Being a wet process, dust is eliminated and minimal quantities of garnet are required.  Pictures below are taken from our trials.

paint-corrosion-removal-1 paint-corrosion-removal-2

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